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You didn't fail.
The Approach Failed You.

You’ve probably tried a number of different programs, diets, or trendy products. Each one promising weight-loss and to have you back in your favourite dress. You may have even had some success. However, that success was short lived, wasn’t it? Once the program was done the weight just came creeping back until you found yourself heavier than when you started.

What a deflating experience. You were left disappointed and probably believing it was your fault the weight came back.

Nearly every weight-loss program, plan or diet can foster some degree of weight-loss success, but only in the short-term. The hard part begins once the program ends. Without the structure and having no real skills to maintain the progress you’ve made your lifestyle starts to transition back into what it used to be. This is the reason most programs fail.

They are designed to temporarily change your habits, therefore giving you temporary success. This is how we know it’s not your fault.

You did not fail. The approach failed you.

At Health Evolved we work with real people to understand the habits, behaviours, and patterns that have led to weight gain in the first place.

We don’t promote any kind of cookie cutter program, diet or exercise routine. We work with you to create a customized approach that is adapted to your existing lifestyle. 

We empower you to learn and develop the necessary skills to identify, and change the behaviours that are having a negative impact on your weight.

As life never stops, you need a set of skills that allows you to adapt and continue to master your habits for lasting weight-loss and success.

Holistic Lifestyle Changes

We Use a 360° Approach

Another reason why other diets or programs fail? They only focus on one or two aspects of the weight-loss process. Usually your diet and activity. However, if it was as easy as eating less, and moving more we would not have an obesity epidemic. Our bodies are complex, and we have emotions, feelings, and thoughts that drive our actions. How many times have you had a bad day and turned to food for comfort? It’s not as simple as diet and exercise. We take the time to understand the biology, psychology, physiology, pathology, and neurology of each patient and create habit and lifestyle strategies that lead to improved health and lasting weight loss.

Our holistic approach addresses each human aspect to design a customized program that will be successful for YOU. We look at

Existing Medical Conditions:

Many of our clients suffer from chronic conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes and high blood pressure

Biological Considerations:

Hormonal and physiological changes that occur as we age

Emotional Responses:

Many of our client’s come use eating as a coping mechanism in response to life stressors or boredom

Psychological State:

Cognitive distortions that can lead to all-or-nothing mentality, binge eating, and/or restrictive eating, etc.

We work with real people, and real professionals to achieve real results. We use a holistic approach to understand all facets of an individual and what has contributed to their current weight and health status. With this insight we are able to enlighten and create customized solutions for lasting weight-loss. Many of our patients come to us because they are ready for a change. A lasting change.

Are you ready

To Get Your Life Back?

Do you ever think back to a time when you had it all figured out? You were healthy. You were fit. You were happy. Then life took its toll and along the way you developed some poor habits. Life takes a toll on us mentally, physically and emotionally and it can be hard to figure out where to start on our own. You have likely tried a few or many plans and diets, had some success but with short lived results. You are smart enough to know that surgeries and medications come with their own set of risks. 

Our goal is to provide you with a guided positive environment that will set you up for success. We work with clients who have gone through tremendous life experiences and are motivated to regain their strength, health and life. Because life is about growth. And we want to help you grow and develop healthy habits for a sustainable lifestyle and lasting weight-loss that you will enjoy.

At this point in your life you’ve done it all; built a family, a home, a thriving professional career and dealt with the curve balls of life. You’re already a warrior! You’ve spent the majority of your life taking care of others, and now it’s time to take care of yourself. Afterall you can’t pour from an empty cup.

our wellness program

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Enlightenment

We will do a full assessment to determine where you are at in your health journey. In the process we provide education and enlightenment to identify the habits and behaviours that are having a negative impact on your health.

Step 2: Intentions

With enlightenment we can develop our intentions for change. Together our team works with you to analyze and formulate a customized strategy that fits your lifestyle.

Step 3: Execution

We find what works for You. Change, and life in general for that matter, is a process of trial and error. You will fail, but as a warrior you know from failure comes learnings. That does not mean it’s easy and our team will check in with you continuously to empower you to overcome your failures as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Belief

This is where the magic happens. As we refine your plan your success will become increasingly apparent, you will fail less often and change will happen more rapidly. Your inner warrior will become stronger and your belief that I CAN DO THIS, I can lose weight and keep it off will be realized as you move towards Mastery!

Step 5: Mastery

Mastery is not perfection. Perfection is impossible. You will still have bad days, and life will still take its toll. However, when you reach habit mastery you will have the skills and framework to identify, adapt and overcome any challenges you might face. No longer will you ‘fall off the wagon’ and not be able to get back on. During stressful times you might revert back to old patterns but, this time you will be able to catch yourself and get back on track.

Our approach is

Practical and emotional

Our approach is practical and emotional. You will meet with our specialist in habit change Dr. Dan who will help you to understand the limitations and barriers you might be imposing on yourself that are preventing you from long term success and lasting change. We will empower you to create an awareness of the habits and behaviours that are having a negative impact on your life. Together, with you in the driver’s seat we provide a framework for identifying, adapting, and mastering new habits and behaviours that will lead to lasting weight-loss and a healthier lifestyle. 

Our framework and approach is both customized and practical. We need to find what works for YOU and your lifestyle, not the other way around. Lasting change does not happen overnight, therefore we require a 6 month commitment for you to begin achieving habit mastery. Our team is here to support you through every success, and failure. To help you overcome, succeed and realize that YOU CAN DO THIS. 

You can take control of your health and create the lifestyle you want for the duration of your life. Other programs provide short-lived results only when you are ON the program. So stop wasting your time with unrealistic programs and crash diets. Make a decision to better yourself and your life!

Our services are offered entirely online via secure video calls and online resources. There is no travel time for appointments, or interruption in your progress in the case of a quarantine or other restrictions. Currently, we are only accepting clients within Canada however, we will be expanding to the rest of the world in the near future.


What our clients say

Ike Dewji
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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2017. I had a hard time coming to terms with how serious diabetes can get out of hand if you don't take care of it. I have been to Dietitians. They are nice people however they always recommend following the Canada Food Guide for proper choice of food and exercise. It seemed like I wasn't getting anywhere but I knew I had to make a change In my life. My Diabetes DR, recommended Dr Dan Burton at Healthcare Evolution. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and explains the situation without sugar coating it. With his knowledge and motivation I have lost 22 lbs in 7 months , was able to bring my A1C down, and lowered my bad cholesterol. I have gained my energy back, in summation I am able to make some lifestyle changes.

Most of all Dan is a person that will help you and is very easy to talk to. He does regular follow ups so you stay on track/target. I have never met Dan in person due to Covid, I have only spoken to him over the phone consultation and he’s helped me through all the wellness Apps which he regularly reviews and tracks progress and motivates an individual like me. Dan Thanks for all your help!
Ted Cutlan
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If you would like to make some positive changes in how you feel, I highly recommend having a chat with Dr. Dan. With his help I made some changes in how I look at food and nutrition and have made exercising part of a very manageable daily routine. I have managed to lose around 75 pounds thus far. I have never ever been remotely keen on exercise or sports but my quick morning routine has now become a daily habit for the past year.I schedule a week ahead online and log in every day. I no longer have chronically sore knees, my mobility, energy and zest for life are enhanced. Through Covid-19 at home I have not gained weight, I instead have added new holes to tighten my belt. Give Dan a call, his relaxed manner and kind encouragement are very easy to handle. No matter what shape you are in I suggest that you can feel better.
Emily Collins
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I couldn't have made the wonderful progress with my weight without Dr. Dan's help. His guidance and coaching has made a HUGE difference in my life and wellbeing. I feel better about myself, I look better, and I have a lot more energy. No more diets for me. Dan's coaching has helped me create a new way of life that will last. Thanks Dan!!!!

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Helping people lose weight and find happiness inspires us. Our mission is to empower you to become your own health manager, and inspire others to do the same.

Dr. Dan

BScPharm, PharmD, CBE

I’ve lived my life wanting to contribute to something bigger than myself – find a community… A sense of belonging. My higher purpose is to help our communities – our families – feel healthier and live a better life.

A life with less pain. Less medication. Give people the freedom, empower them, to live a life they truly enjoy.

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