Intermittent Fasting – Live Webinar

Join me on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 @ 6pm MST for a FREE Live Webinar.

In this webinar, we are talking about intermittent fasting and the evidence around it. Is it just another diet fad? Are the health claims true or are there potential risks?

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Big Fat Facts Podcast – EP 49 – Self-Determination Theory – Competence Is A Driving Force and An Essential Part of Our Wellbeing

Dr. Steve Danylchuk is a clinical pharmacist in the emergency department at the Red Deer Regional Hospital in Red Deer, Alberta. He also completed the PharmD bridging program in 2017. In January 2020, Steve decided to take part in the physique competition but after it got canceled, he went through a breakdown and fell off the wagon. How to develop the mindset that will move you forward despite hectic situations and what should we bring to the plate when our goals are ruined by outside factors? Tune in now.

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What is Persistent Metabolic Adaptation?

Metabolic adaptation is thought to occur in order to counter weight-loss – because our body is kind of like a needy stage 5 clinger and wants to hold onto as much energy as possible in case the zombie apocalypse happens. Let’s look at a study based on the Biggest Loser competition.

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