Managing the Holidays with Obesity!

The holidays are here! You know I do love this time of year. Everyone seems a little less cranky and more tolerant of my shenanigans. That is why I am forever grateful for the individuals behind the scene that help me put all this content together.

After speaking with a number of clients and patients it is quite apparent that many people are worried about the extra food, the potential weight gain, losing their progress then fighting to get their weight back down again in the New Year. I get it. This has likely been the vicious cycle you have experienced year after year and f*ck wouldn’t it be amazing if this year could be different?

Let’s make this year different, together.

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Could your low-carb diet be killing you?

Could your low-carb diet actually be killing you? I know it’s kind of a terrifying thought considering how many people have been using low carb and keto-style diets for weight-loss. Not to mention haven’t all the internet gurus been touting how amazing keto and low carb diets are? Learn what the world wide web hasn’t told you about low-carb diets. Let’s get into it!

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