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You are ALLOWED to Lose Weight!

You are ALLOWED to Lose Weight!

You are also allowed to not lose weight. 

I know, earth-shattering stuff. Maybe just a smidge below ancient Greek philosopher mind-blowing? The very fact that I felt the need to write this blog is slightly irritating but fortunately enough I am feeling like a bit of a petty b*tch today so what better time to call out 2 sides in a slightly passive-aggressive blog post. 

Now the above should seem obvious. However, both of those statements are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Similar to what seems like every other topic in our society. This is the left vs. right, democrat vs. republican, the vaxxed vs. anti-vaxxed, pro-choice vs. pro-life, etc. It seems like the only way to fit in is by taking a position on one of the extremes and then throwing all logic out the window as you berate and belittle anyone who might be more in the centre or on the opposite side. The left thinks the right is a bunch of nut jobs and the right thinks the left is a bunch of nut jobs. 


So which side should I choose? 

News flash! 

Both sides are f*cking nut jobs. 

The unfortunate part is that people on the extremes tend to be the loudest. In my opinion, the reason is often that they are not aware of their own ignorance and/or they have a business/income to support. If they aren’t blowing up at every single slight or counterpoint against them their followers might turn their logic brains back on and realize they are indeed a nut job and stop buying their product.


And what does this have to do with weight-loss? 

When it comes to weight management we have the same issue. 

We have one side that says, YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT OR YOU WILL DIE. 


Both sides scream and yell at each other. They then shame anyone who opposes them or who just wants some information and is trying to find their way through the sh*t storm of misinformation both sides spout off. Now I know writing all this is going to ruffle some feathers. So if you feel yourself getting worked up and are starting to angrily type out a comment I want you to take a good hard look at yourself and consider the idea that you are wrong and that you are part of the problem.

*continues to type out angry comments and death threats anyways* 


Ok, so what do I do then? 

The reality. You are allowed to do WHATEVER the F*CK you want.

Do you want to lose weight? Go for it! You don’t want to lose weight? F*cking go for it. Want to drive a formula one race car at 300km/hr? More power to you. Want to have kids? Awesome! Don’t want to have kids? Awesome but with more money! It is your life and you are allowed to go after and achieve whatever you feel is right for you. If anyone says otherwise you can kindly tell them to go catch a chicken and if anyone tries to shame you for your choice you can tell them to go pound sand. 

No one is holding a gun to your head and saying you have to do X. If you feel there is, you are not living your life on your terms. I am not sure if you noticed but one key aspect that I mentioned above is doing what you FEEL IS RIGHT FOR YOU. Now I say it has to be right for you because if your goal is not personal that means you are doing it for someone or something else and that is a guaranteed recipe for that goal not being sustainable nor will it bring you true fulfillment. So what you do in life and the goals you strive for should be for the right reasons. 

Take the wanting to lose weight goal. The one side will say you have to lose weight to be healthy. The other side will say losing weight will damage your metabolism. Neither is correct. Losing weight MIGHT improve your health but the health behaviours you engage in to lose weight will likely have a greater overall effect independent of weight-loss. Similarly, the evidence demonstrates that weight cycling and/or significant weight-loss will NOT break your metabolism. Another thing about individuals on the extremes is they tend to have a weak grasp on the totality of the evidence and tend to only cherry-pick literature that supports their argument.


So, do me. Got it! 

Nothing in this world is black and white. Your goals should be your own and for reasons that are truly important to you. That is exactly what I do in my practice is I meet my clients and patients where they are at and support them towards the goals they would like to achieve. If weight-loss is a goal we take a hard look at why weight-loss is their goal. If they feel that having less weight will help them have greater mobility so they can go hiking with their kids, fantastic. If they want to stay the size they are and work on strength fan-f*cking-tastic. In both cases, the main priority and ultimately what the journey of life is all about is health and living a life you honestly enjoy. The destinations/goals you reach along that journey can be whatever the f*ck you want. 

A final point to keep in mind is that a vast majority of us are sitting quietly in the middle watching the minority of individuals on the extremes have tantrums and throw playing blocks at each other. You might sit a little closer to one side or the other but you have the ability to listen to and hear out the other side to take good ideas from both sides and maybe find a middle ground that is best for everybody. I know another groundbreaking idea – could you imagine if politicians actually worked together and compromised for the betterment of all the people vs. just towing the party lines?! What an amazing world that would be. 

Anyways, if what you want to do is for the right reasons and I should say does not harm others go after it. Stop living a life based on someone else’s terms. For today I will leave you with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald: 

Until next time my friends, 

– Dr. Dan 

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