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Big Fat Facts Podcast – EP 56 – When is too much, too much? With Kelly Moen

Big Fat Facts Podcast – EP 56 – When is too much, too much? With Kelly Moen

You Can Be Anything In The World That You Want To Be.” – Kelly Moen

Your Busyness Is Contributing To Your Challenges With Obesity.” – Kelly Moen

Episode Overview

The external pressures society places upon people nowadays are often way beyond imagination. Economical, environmental, and social impacts are growing bigger and bigger in most people’s lives. Finding balance in life takes more effort, and more focus is required to start taking and continue taking steps to achieve a better life and a healthy, happy experience. However, it is possible to have and gain a unique vision for how your life should look.


02:46 – The difference between Ointment, Cream, and Lotion.

05:50 – Treatment of inflammatory responses.

07:20 – Side effects of taking by mouth Steroid.

09:09 – Brown fat tissue around organs causes a lot of problems.

12:58 – Body signal we should consider.

14:42 – The impact of a good quality time and environment on weight loss.

18:57 – Finding purpose and balance within the passion.

21:03 – The responsibilities and challenges of being a parent

23:00 – Practicing the passion and following the process’s rules.

26:12 – Avoid judgemental statements because no one knows other people’s circumstances.

28:22 – The work-life balance to achieve happiness

29:55 – The society pressure on people and the burnout.

32:06 – The use of the word “Should.”

37:07 – Comparison to other people.

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