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Big Fat Facts Podcast – EP 57 – To Carb or Not To Carb. That is the question!

Big Fat Facts Podcast – EP 57 – To Carb or Not To Carb. That is the question!

The Muscle Is Selfish. It Wants To Hold As Much Glucose As It Can.” – Dr. Dan

Episode Overview

The keto diet has been a trend for a lot of people who want to lose weight. It’s been a plan that worked for some and not for others. Is it the diet for you? We need to look for diets that can offer the balance of nutrition for the body and for your health, a diet that respects micronutrients so the body will have full access to all its needs and fuel.


03:14- The role of Macronutrient on our body.

05:17- The effect of Glucose on the body system.

07:13- The general North American diet.

08:48- Low carb diet and the ketogenic diet.

10:17- Insulin and the storage of fat.

12:00- Ketogenic diet and healthy food.

14:37- Ketosis process.

16:28- Keto flu and positive/negative effects.

18:20- Ketoacidosis and ketones mesures. 

20:45- Keto diet and its benefits of healing.

22:25- Ketogenic effect on the consumption of food and weight loss.

26:22- Waterway concept and storage of glycogen.

27:46- Carnivore diet and plants based diet.

29:53- The diet affects blood sugar and diabetes.

33:29- The risk of getting back to old bad habits.

35:10- Ketone supplement.

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