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Keep Your Sanity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Keep Your Sanity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you have kids (grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc.), you’ve likely heard this: 

“When life has got you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” 

This mental health quote was repeated incessantly by Dory (voiced by one of our favorites Ellen Degeneres), a Pacific Blue Tang Fish, throughout the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. It may be a movie for kids – but there’s some deep insight we can take away from this… especially during the present COVID-19 pandemic. 

To us, it means… That even when we feel a bit lost, we will persevere. We are smarter, and stronger, than we think. In hard and frustrating times, we have the opportunity to react…or respond. 

What are some of the top ways to ‘Just Keep Swimming’ – stay sane and healthy – during the COVID pandemic? 


These are unprecedented events we’re having to live through – and you are doing your best. In many cities and counties, schools have been canceled which means if you have kiddos – you’re likely playing the role of parent, teacher, and possibly worker as well! If you don’t perfectly follow the curriculum – that’s OKAY. If your kids don’t brush their teeth one morning – that’s OKAY. 


During a crisis, we’re more likely to make panicked choices on a day-to-day basis. We may tend to consume more alcohol, drugs, foods high in sugar/fat/salt/etc., to soothe our stressors. 

It is important to note: what you eat and drink each day has a profound effect on your mood, drive, patience, libido (yes, you know what we mean)… Having 3 glasses of wine during the day – because you can – is NOT a good choice in the long-term. It will be even more difficult to return to health after COVID has passed.


You already made the decision to get healthy. So? Just Keep Swimming. Instead of the second glass of vino, enjoy a glass of sparkling water in that wine glass! 

Do not lose sight of why you started this adventure. You are seeking a healthier, happier life – and trust me… if you continue to take small steps forward on a day-to-day basis, YOU WILL FIND YOUR WAY. 

You will start to feel better. You will have more energy. You are less likely to fall ill. You will gain confidence in yourself. And our favourite – you will be happier. 


So, just because we as a society are practicing ‘social distancing’… get out for a walk. No need to talk to anyone – just get outside. Phone a friend. Declutter your bathroom.

Or, find the movie Finding Nemo and carve out time for some rest and relaxation.

– Dr. Dan

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