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What are Powder Greens (and other superfoods)?

What are Powder Greens (and other superfoods)?

At HE, we focus on building sustainable, healthy habits – NOT fad diets. We educate patients on nourishing their bodies – NOT quick-fix shakes or weight-loss teas. We encourage consistent light to moderate activity instead of sporadic intense sweat sessions.

Why? Because if you want to lose weight – and keep it off forever – you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. 

Today we’re focusing on a few Superfoods to help answer questions from our online community like:

  • What are Superfoods? 
  • Do I need to eat Superfoods every day?
  • How can I start incorporating superfoods into my diet?
  • Could certain Superfoods be bad for me?

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Remember – before incorporating new dietary supplements, it’s important to consult your physician/healthcare provider. If you have (or think you may have) a serious health condition/heart problems/diabetes/etc., this is especially important.


In short, YES! The majority of our society does not get enough nutrients/minerals/vitamins in their regular day-to-day diet (through whole foods like vegetables, good fats, etc.).  We will encourage our patients to experiment incorporating superfoods into their diet; HOWEVER, we primarily focus on first cutting out refined foods filled with sugar, toxic oils, and overprocessed grains. 

Remember – if you have a Green Powder Smoothie for breakfast, and then follow up to eat a medium pizza for lunch… and nachos for dinner… You may have gotten a vitamin boost, but it’s NOT a replacement for consistent, healthy choices. 



To explain the Whats & Whys around Superfoods, we really enjoyed the blog – The Best Greens Powder for Your Body Needs – put together by www.JENREVIEWS.com

It explains what Green Powders are, the nutrients/vitamins that a Green Powder will provide, and why it is beneficial for you. 

It also covers wonderful additions like Goji Berry, Milk Thistle and Turmeric. 

– Dr. Dan 

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